6-pack case

Feb Mixed Case.

It’s a special mix of rare, and limited brewed beers.

All 6 beers were created and brewed at the award-winning Afro Caribbean Brewery.  

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By now you know that the League of Beers is back. Our mission is beer deliciousness! You may say that this has always has been the case, but this time we want to push the boundaries of flavour to new extremes of delicious, easy, but also extreme and uncanny! 

We also want to bring you new, rare, crazy and exciting beer experiences. For the month of February we have sourced ONLY 120 cases made up of 6 rare and limited beers. They are each specially brewed by our friends at the Afro Caribbean Brewing Company.

And because some of these beers were still in the tank when we confirmed the selection, we are making the curation available as a pre-sale. This way you have a better chance of getting your hands on these special, super fresh beers.

Secure your mixed case now, and get a 10% discount on your order (automatically applied upon checkout).

Pre-order sales will be shipped on the 1st of Feb 2022
Deliveries for pre-order sales will be delivered between the 2nd and 4th of Feb 2022

This month's selection

Start 2022 with a curation of great beers.

Stumped on what to get the discerning beer-lover? You can’t go wrong with more beer.

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